New Year, New Look

If you’ve visited our website prior to 2022, you’ve likely noticed a change in our logo and colors. We’re thrilled to share more information about this shift in our identity, where we have come from and how we got to where we are today.

Since our conception, the main themes of our work have never changed. We are here to support your students in their understanding of the financial life cycle in making decisions about spending, borrowing and investing. We also believe in the importance of mathematics and mathematical thinking for good financial decision making. As such, FiCycle is the nickname for The Financial Life Cycle Education Corp. 

The original FiCycle logo was a stylized bicycle with the wheels labeled mathematics and finance. This logo captured the similarity between bicycle and FiCycle, and encapsulated the idea that the rider of the bicycle could control their financial direction, powered by an understanding of both math and finance. The simple geometry of the logo also recalled mathematical shapes and concepts. 

The new logo contains much the same meaning as the first, but with a different abstraction. In the new logo, the financial life cycle shows how, over the course of your life, your wealth changes as you borrower against future earnings, save for retirement and then spend your retirement savings. The mirroring of the cycles reflects the complementary nature of financial transactions.

And, of course, we should address our color change. We added green as the central color reflects wealth. The blues show that the cycle can be approach in a calmly through the use of planning and mathematics.

Our look may have changed, but our approach has not. We are still here to provide you with resources to teach the algebra of personal finance and to help your students succeed not just in their math classes, but in life.