Our Mission

Financial Life Cycle Education Corp works with educators and organizations to equip all students with the mathematical and financial skills and understanding necessary to navigate their financial life cycle and meet and exceed state requirements in mathematics.

Since our inception, FiCycle has worked with more than 40 schools across 9 states to help more than 5,000 students learn mathematics and finance.

A Research-Backed Approach

We are committed to promoting best practices in education. Central to our mission, we undertake research into effective mathematics and finance education. Our research demonstrates the efficacy of teaching math and finance in an integrated curriculum. This guides us in the creation and implementation of our educational program. See our research projects here.

The Value of Combining Mathematics and Finance

There is a clear demand for better personal finance skills, but most people don’t know where to begin or the right questions to ask. Many states mandate some personal finance be taught in schools. Blogs and podcasts dedicated to the topic are perennially popular. Concerns about money management are never far from the minds of most adults. But superficial, surface-level content―while interesting―does little to foster a deep functional knowledge of personal finance.

Likewise, evidence exists for the need for a new approach to math education. A core subject understood to be one of the essential components of an effective education, math is nonetheless the frequent target of the question, “When will I ever need this?” Stripped of their original context, functions and formulas fail to represent relevance to learners. As a result, they are less engaged in the content and soon forget the skills that should provide lifelong benefit.

In response to these needs, we’ve created FiCycle Math. An innovative curriculum, FiCycle Math integrates an introduction to key financial concepts. The integration provides standards-aligned, rigorous math instruction necessary to facilitate confident, successful financial participation. These are skills every student and family needs and deserves. As such, we’ve made it our goal to ensure universal access. Furthermore, the full-year curriculum is ideal for Algebra II level math. It is designed for simple, flexible implementation in schools and classrooms. Proven with research, the curriculum makes a difference for students through the enhanced benefits of learning these subjects together.

Are You Ready to Get Started?

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