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Financial Life Cycle Education Corp works with educators and organizations to equip all students with the mathematical and financial skill and understanding necessary to navigate their financial life cycle and meet and exceed state requirements in mathematics. 



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Financial Life Cycle Mathematics (FiCycle Mathematics) provides high school students with an understanding of essential personal finance topics and the associated mathematical tools.

FiCycle Mathematics is a project based curriculum that allows students to delve into real-world problems related to the themes of each unit. The math of the course is roughly at the level of Algebra II. We are confident that teaching these financial concepts in a mathematics course will provide students with the complete toolbox to make fully informed financial decisions.

To learn more about the course, what we offer, and how the course can fit into your school’s math sequence, visit the Our Course, Teachers, and Principals and Administrators pages.

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“The FiCycle curriculum has been a great benefit to our students and teachers. The curriculum gives our students the skills necessary to navigate the financial situations that they will encounter throughout their lives. In addition, the curriculum’s emphasis on embedding upper high school level math skills in practical ways allows our students to apply what they learn in their traditional math classes to topics they are already interested in. Our teachers feel very supported by the comprehensive resources provided and the availability of the FiCycle team.”

Colin Healy

Assistant Principal, AECI Charter High School

“I taught FiCycle during its Pilot year. As a Public high school teacher, a crash course in finance was something I never thought I’d get to teach my students so I jumped on the opportunity. Needless to say, the FiCycle curriculum proved to be one of the most rewarding courses my high school had to offer. My students soaked up the knowledge it offered and classes were often lead almost on inquiry alone. It was clear to me that students are hungry for the information offered in FiCycle. It’s not just an engaging course, but an essential one!”

Karina Minchuck

FiCycle Pilot Year Teacher



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Our Research

Initial research of the impact of pairing financial education with math shows that FiCycle is helping students achieve a deeper understanding of financial topics and increasing student confidence in applying math concepts. We are exploring the means to further test the results of our curriculum. Read our preliminary research paper here:

Our Research


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