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Who We Are and What We Do

Financial Life Cycle Education Corp (FiCycle) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to ensuring every student has access to knowledge of the financial concepts necessary to live a prosperous life and the math skills needed to grasp those concepts and put them into practice. Our team combines its integrated expertise across education, financial analytics, and research, along with close relationships to educators across the US, to develop high-quality, standards-aligned solutions to the real challenges present in math and finance education.

We work with educators and organizations to equip all students with the mathematical and financial skills and understanding necessary to navigate their financial life cycle and meet and exceed state requirements in mathematics.

Our program provides high school students with an understanding of essential personal finance topics and the associated mathematical tools.

An Innovative Project-Based Curriculum and Student-Centered Approach

Implement an approach that has helped thousands of students learn high-impact skills for lifelong success. Students simultaneously acquire the algebra, probability, and statistics skills needed to make sound decisions at every stage of their financial life cycle.

Math that makes sense: “When am I ever going to need this?” Our relevant content, designed by experienced educators who understand the challenges of the modern math classroom, puts an end to that age-old question. Furthermore, our student-centered, collaborative approach increases interest and engagement.

Math that matters: With content presented in its native financial context to foster life skills every student will need, FiCycle ushers in the next generation of real-world learning. Our integration of math and personal finance instruction enhances equitable access to key skills for lifelong success.

Math that makes a difference: Our research-backed approach demonstrates the efficacy of integrating math and finance instruction. From there, our standards-aligned, rigorous math curriculum ensures students can not only grasp the essential financial concepts but succeed in using them.

Solving Your Biggest Challenges

  1. Are you a leader looking for an accessible curriculum that improves students’ academic and life readiness?
  2. A teacher who wants to increase student engagement and help learners see the relevance in the math you’re teaching?
  3. A student who wants to understand money in a way that will help you and your family for a lifetime?

FiCycle has helped more than 40 schools address these needs and more for 5000+ students.

“The FiCycle curriculum has been a great benefit to our students and teachers. The curriculum gives our students the skills necessary to navigate the financial situations that they will encounter throughout their lives. In addition, the curriculum’s emphasis on embedding upper high school level math skills in practical ways allows our students to apply what they learn in their traditional math classes to topics they are already interested in. Our teachers feel very supported by the comprehensive resources provided and the availability of the FiCycle team.”

“I taught FiCycle during its Pilot year. As a public high school teacher, a crash course in finance was something I never thought I’d get to teach my students so I jumped on the opportunity. Needless to say, the FiCycle curriculum proved to be one of the most rewarding courses my high school had to offer. My students soaked up the knowledge it offered and classes were often led almost on inquiry alone. It was clear to me that students are hungry for the information offered in FiCycle. It’s not just an engaging course, but an essential one!”

Teachers will find alertness and engagement as the students anticipate what’s around the bend with the next subjects presented in FiCycle. The curriculum covers a wide array of what the students will be experiencing in the very near future.

“The course really helped me understand what I’m going to have to deal with in the future, when I’m a young adult. And especially going to college, I’m going to have to start a credit card. I’ll need to take out loans for tuition. This course has helped me understand what it means to have liabilities and how that contributes to my wealth overall later in life. It’s important to have control over your assets and your liabilities.”

“Financial math and money are interesting to everyone. Every student knows enough about it to enter the course, but none of them know everything … Everyone is interested, and I find that any skill prerequisite or skill gap is easy to handle once that happens because the students care about getting the answer.”

“The relevance of the FiCycle course to what the students are actually living is one of the neat things that I personally enjoy. The age group I teach is on the cusp of going from living at home to stepping into the real world. That journey and the FiCycle curriculum provide me gratification. What we’re teaching here at Cache High School and presenting to the students is relevant to what they will experience in their next step in life.”

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