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What Are FiCycle LOGs™?

Students often struggle with learning about logarithms in Algebra and Algebra 2. They lack a context and conceptual understanding of logarithms and how they behave. Designed as a math manipulative, our patented FiCycle LOGs™ help with instruction on exponents and logarithms. By using a ‘constructivist’ approach to teaching logarithms, FiCycle LOGs™ allow students to explore and discover the properties of logarithms in the physical world before explicitly linking them to exponents. Each piece is labeled with a number. The length of one piece is proportional to the logarithm of the number. Thus, FiCycle LOGs™ exhibit all of the properties of logarithms.

Classroom Research Results Indicate Success 

Our initial work testing out this new and innovative project met great success. The FiCycle LOGs™ help learners of different abilities and mathematical backgrounds. Also, we have seen them used with students before they’ve learned about exponents and their properties to great effect. We believe that introducing this conceptually important topic early, in a hands-on way, greatly benefits all students.

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