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    FiCycle’s curriculum aligns with federal funding made available to schools through COVID-19 Relief packages, which provide schools and districts with the opportunity to recover from pandemic-related disruptions and plan ahead for long-term success.

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Use available funds to make a lasting impact

The challenges of the pandemic are truly circumstances no educator hoped to face. However, the funding made available in response has provided a rare opportunity for education leaders to invest in ambitious new programs with long-term goals in mind.

Tens of billions of dollars have been designated for K-12 education as part of Covid Relief packages (including the the CARES Act, CRRSA Act, and ARP Act), and these funds are still available to schools and districts. These funds are known as the ESSER (Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief) Fund and GEER (Governor’s Emergency Education Relief) Fund, and encompass funding available to both public and private schools.

Schools can use the funding to address immediate needs regarding learning loss recovery, but can also build for long-term success by strategically using the funds to improve teaching and learning for all educators and students.

Address the unique needs of your individual school

Available funds provide principals and school leaders with broad discretion to implement programs and resources that meet your school’s unique needs. If you have any of the following goals, FiCycle Math is an option for your school:

  • Increase students’ engagement in mathematics and mastery of Algebra
  • Introduce a standards-aligned curriculum that will help your students master both math and financial literacy content
  • Enhance equity by providing students with lifelong knowledge and skills that improves financial behavior and long-term outcomes
  • Implement a research-backed curriculum that shows evidence of success for diverse high school students

For those students who have already mastered Algebra, FiCycle will help them apply the theoretical math skills they have developed to their life and careers. The curriculum helps all students see the relevance in their learning and makes a difference in both academic and lifelong outcomes.

Address the academic impact of lost instructional time

Funding is designed to help schools reduce or reverse the impacts of pandemic-related learning loss, and one specific recommendation is to implement evidence-based activities to meet the comprehensive needs of students. Research shows that FiCycle’s curriculum helps students achieve positive results in both mathematics and personal finance. Read the latest research on our curriculum and further research on math and financial education to find out about the evidence supporting our curriculum and approach, including:

  • How students’ interest and engagement in mathematics is increased when the subject is taught through the context of personal finance
  • How students’ math and finance learning are mutually reinforcing and show significant correlated positive growth
  • How increased math knowledge helps individuals make positive financial decisions and avoid negative financial actions

For schools leaders interested specifically in an option for remediation and learning loss recovery, FiCycle offers grade-appropriate modeling and Algebra 2 topics with opportunities for targeted teaching of prerequisite Algebra 1 topics which may not have been mastered in the year(s) of remote and/or hybrid learning. By teaching Algebra through the lens of personal finance, schools are able to address the concepts that students might have missed in a new context, rather than having students take the same course over again.

Adopt a multi-year license to plan for the future

The current funding options offer a unique opportunity to plan ahead. Contact our team to learn about discounted multi-year licenses to bring FiCycle to your school for years to come. There’s no better time to ensure these funds have a lasting impact on teaching and learning. 

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