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CBS New York: Financial Literacy Month connects math lessons to real-life skills

April 2024

Hear Phil Dituri, FiCycle’s Director of Education, speak about the importance of integrating math and personal finance for Financial Literacy Month.

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The New York Times: The Key to Better Math Education? Explaining Money.

March 2024

FiCycle exists because we saw a gap in our education system. Our curriculum difference is that it focuses on understanding concepts vs drilling skills – conceptual vs procedural. By bridging math and financial literacy, math becomes more relevant, and financial outcomes are improved outside of the classroom.

“In most high schools, personal finance classes are light on math, and math classes are light on personal finance. The FiCycle curriculum has plenty of each.”

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The Wall Street Journal: Dave Ramsey Tells Millions What to Do With Their Money. People Under 40 Say He’s Wrong.

Feb 2024

Our Program Director, Naiomi Israel, was featured in The Wall Street Journal, sharing how moralizing financial decisions can be harmful to marginalized groups.

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PBS’ Two Cents: How Money Created Math

June 2023

Our Program Director, Naiomi Israel, joined PBS’ Two Cents team to share the interwoven history of finance and math. A common complaint that math teachers hear is, “When am I going to need this in the real world?” When students sit in algebra class, it’s easy for them to feel like it’s all theoretical–a bunch of imaginary numbers and rules dreamed up by philosophers trying to prove to each other how smart they were. However, the origins of math are deeply practical and often financial. So how did Money create Math?

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Make Math Moments that Matter Episode 164: Teaching Financial Literacy Through Mathematics

January 2022

Director of Education Philip Dituri talks about how financial literacy is somehow rarely discussed or taught in schools. Phil shares how teachers can blend their existing curriculum with contextual lessons based in personal finance and why we need to prepare students for life, not just tests.

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Enhancing Equity Through a Better Approach to Personal Finance

October/ November 2021

Founder Andy Davidson was included in the Back to School issue of American Consortium for Equity in Education discussing how teaching personal finance enhances equity for children.

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When am I going to use this?

August 2021

Founder Andy Davidson discusses the importance of combining mathematics with personal finance in a brief to the Virginia School Boards Association in their newsletter.

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The FiCycle Podcast

July 2021

In our three-part podcast series, listeners hear from FiCycle team members and high school educators, and learn about the most critical concepts in personal finance and how they connect with mathematics education. 

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One Big Idea: Phil Dituri on Integrating Math and Personal Finance Education (S2E5)

June 2021

Director of Education Philip Dituri shares his “one big idea” for education (that personal finance should be the context through which algebra is taught) and discusses the research behind integrating math and personal finance.

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Teaching Math through Financial Literacy with Dr. Philip Dituri – Transformative Principal 418

June 2021

Director of Education Philip Dituri talks with Jethro Jones about how and why financial literacy fits into the subject of algebra.

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Cache High School Finance Class is a hit, students praise its real-world applications

May 2021

Teacher Erik Scott, a retired Navy veteran, discusses how teaching the FiCycle Math course helps him develop his students’ real life problem solving skills.

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Real-Life Experience Helps This Second Career Teacher Integrate Math and Finance

May 2021

Second career math educator Erik Scott uses his experience to help students see the relevance in their learning.

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Financial Literacy: The Power of Combining Math with Personal Finance

April 2021

Phil Dituri, Director of Education, discusses equity and ensuring that students have access to financial literacy education in a highly rigorous program.

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Season 7 – Episode 27: Philip Dituri – FiCyle Mathematics

March 2021

In this episode of TL Talk Radio, learn from Director of Education Philip Dituri about the FiCycle Math curriculum. He talks about teaching high school students financial literacy through algebra, financial literacy experts to follow, book recommendations, and more.

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Bring real-world tools to the math classroom with spreadsheets

February 2019

Director of Research Jack Marley-Payne discusses real-world tools to support math and why graphing calculators are not necessarily the correct answer.

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DA op-ed: High school students like math they can use

March 2019

FiCycle’s founder Andrew Davidson shares how schools can combine personal finance and mathematics to create a challenging and engaging math class for juniors and seniors.

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