Financial Literacy Contest

FiCycle’s Financial Literacy Contest

*Must be 18 years or older to enter*

Complete the Statement in 25 Words or Less: “Financial literacy without math is like…”

Enter Here:

Everyone is welcome to submit! Teachers feel free to use this as a Do Now/Warm Up for your classes this month and submit your students’ answers (note: student answers can be submitted by teachers as long as they are submitted anonymously to protect student privacy).

Contest Starts: April 1st

Contest Deadlines: April 26th

Prizes: All winners will also receive a set of FiCycle LOGs (our fun and discovery-based manipulative to teach your students logarithms through exploration)

1st Prize: $100

2nd Prize: $50

3rd Prize: $25

Winner Announced: April 29th

Sample Answers:

  • Financial Literacy without math is like biking with no chain.
  • Financial Literacy without math is like driving with no headlights.
  • Financial literacy without math is like navigating a maze blindfolded – essential tools are missing, making the journey unnecessarily challenging and prone to mistakes.