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Module 4

Soothsaying: Expected Value & Insurance Should you insure your fancy new phone? What about life insurance? How do casinos survive? What makes something a good bet? In this section, we will learn about risk, and grapple with probability and expected value. Overview and Slides: 4-0 Module 4 Overview Module 4 Soothsaying Slides Materials: 4-1 Introduction […]

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Module 3

Compound Interest and Your Financial Life Cycle This module introduces the important idea that in order to meet our various financial needs throughout life, we must transfer wealth from phases of life when we have surplus income, to phases of life when we have an income deficit. In doing so we introduce students to the […]

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Module 2

Interest & Percent Growth This module will introduce the concept of wealth to support students’ basic understanding of finding the percent of a number and build on that understanding to develop an understanding of percent growth/decay. Students will have the opportunity to explore examples and applications from consumer products, advertisements, and interest. Overview and Slides: […]

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Module 1

Wealth Not Cash This module introduces students to the fundamental concepts in finance, teaching them to understand financial wellbeing in terms of wealth, rather than simply cash. We will teach students four of the basic concepts required to understand wealth: Income, Expenses, Assets, and Liabilities. They will then work through activities that explain the notion […]

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CYF Modules

This series of lessons will help educators teach students about their financial life cycle and the basics of personal finance, while only using the most basic mathematics required to successfully navigate their financial life. Any high school teacher from any subject can use these lessons to incorporate some basic financial literacy into their course. Module […]

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3 Charts Show Why Research Recommends Combining Math and Finance

Our central belief at FiCycle is that teaching personal finance and mathematics together improves student learning of both. That’s why we created “Financial Life Cycle Mathematics” – a high school algebra course that covers the fundamentals of personal finance. This belief is based on our research, which provides compelling evidence to justify our approach. Below […]