We know how hard teachers work so we try to make it easy to teach our course. 



Our primary method for distributing materials is granting access to our Dropbox folder. There is a folder for each unit which contains:

IMG_0486Unit Plans providing a scope and sequence, essential questions, and common core state standards for each unit

Student Workbooks with explanations, definitions, examples and problems for students to work through

Topic Quizzes that assess essential knowledge for each topic within the unit

Math Sheets with practice problems and explanations for the math components necessary for each unit

Spreadsheets for the topics that require them and explanations on how to use the spreadsheets

Additional Instructional Materials including additional practice for tough topics and games and activities for the classroom

Projects at the end of each unit that allow students to delve into a realistic financial scenario

Materials are provided as Microsoft Word and Excel documents that teachers are encouraged to re-format and adapt. The Excel documents are Google Sheets compatible.




Teacher Support

We hold professional development sessions for all first time FiCycle teachers in the summer to introduce them to the materials and make sure they are comfortable with Units 1-3. We also offer sessions before the start of the spring semester to help teachers with Units 4, 5 and the alternate units if they choose to incorporate them.

We are available via email throughout the year and are happy to set up phone calls for any questions that may arise.

We also hold informal events for our teachers to meet and share ideas about teaching the course.

For information on how the FiCycle course would fit in your school, please visit our Principals Page.


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