Financial Life Cycle Mathematics Workbook, Unit 1


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This workbook contains materials for the first unit in the Financial Life Cycle Mathematics course. 


Unit 1: Keeping Score

This unit introduces the fundamental concepts for understanding finance. A natural way to think about your financial situation is in terms of the amount of cash you have access to either in your pocket or in your bank account. To plan effectively, though, you need to move beyond cash balance, and think about wealth taking into account your assets and debts. Financial statements allow us to track our wealth systematically, so we can more effectively meet our financial goals. After completing this unit, you will be able to:

  • Distinguish between: income, expense, asset, liability
  • Fill in and read T-accounts
  • Create and read income statements
  • Create and read balance sheets
  • Create and read sources and uses statements
  • Create any of the above from T-accounts
  • Create financial statements, given a description of a person s financial situation
  • Analyze a person’s situation and provide the best financial decision for them
  • Research online to find budgeting constraints

113 pages

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