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Here is how you can incorporate the FiCycle course into your school’s math sequence.


Using FiCycle

The course can be used in a variety of different ways depending on your school’s math sequence. In general, our schools use it as a math class for juniors or seniors, though it may fit in differently at each school. Here are a few ways we have seen it being used:

  • year-long course for juniors and seniors who have completed Algebra and some Advanced Algebra who need an additional math course
  • year-long course for students who have only completed basic Algebra and they will learn Algebra II as they work through our course
  • half-year course made up of approximately three FiCycle units combined with trigonometry or other math class for the other half year
  • elective course for students who have completed Algebra II/Pre-Calculus and choose to take the class out of personal interest

Here are some of the ways our course has been used in math sequences.

  Freshman Sophomore Junior Senior
Sequence 1 Math 1 Math 2 Math 3 FiCycle
Sequence 2 Algebra 1 Geometry Algebra 2/ Trig FiCycle
Sequence 3 Algebra 1 Geometry FiCycle Trig/Statistics
Sequence 4 Algebra 1 Algebra 1 Geometry FiCycle
Sequence 5 Geometry Algebra 2/Trig Pre-Calculus Calculus


What We Offer

We offer a full set of curriculum materials, teacher professional development, and ongoing teacher support. We also have collaborations with a number of mathematics and finance focused organizations.

  • IMG_0321-1.jpgMaterials include Unit Plans, Student Workbooks, Quizzes, Spreadsheet Worksheets, Math Worksheets, Classroom Activities and Unit Projects
  • We offer teachers two days of professional development prior to the start of the school year, and ongoing support throughout the year
  • Collaborations include MoMath, Math for America, Council for Economic Education, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and the Metropolitan College of New York.

Please visit our Teachers Page to learn more about how we support them while teaching the course.


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Alignment with Standards

The course is aligned with both the Common Core State Standards and the Jump Start Standards for personal finance.

Alignment with Common Core S.S.
Algebra Functions Statistics & Probability
S-CP.1; S-CP.2;
S-CP.3; S-CP.4;
S-CP.5; S-CP.6;
S-CP.7; S-CP.8;
S-CP.9; S-MD.1;
S-MD.2; S-MD.3;
S-MD.4; S-MD.5;
S-MD.6; S-MD.7;
S-IC.1; S-IC.2;
S-IC.3; S-IC.4;
S-IC.5; S-IC.6;
S-IC.7; S-IC.8;
Alignment with Jump Start Standards
Spending & Saving* 1, 2, 3, 4
Credit & Debt* 1, 2, 3
Employment & Income* 1, 2, 3
Investing* 1, 2, 3
Risk Management & Insurance* 1, 2, 3
Financial Decision Making 1, 2, 4, 5, 8
*Please Note: FiCycle covers all standards in this strand.